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Saalt Menstrual Cup Review

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What is a Menstrual Cup?

Menstrual cups have been around a long time. In fact, a version of them was used by women in the Middle Ages, but menstrual cups have come a long way in the last 600 years. Now, instead of being the only option other than clean rags, they are among an array of period management products.

Modern menstrual cups are eco friendly because they are reusable, whereas throw-away items such as sanitary pads and tampons not only clog landfills, but take a massive amount of water and wood pulp to manufacture.

A menstrual cup is a soft, flexible silicone cup that is inserted into the vagina, forming a seal with the vaginal wall, and rather than absorbing menstrual flow, it catches it, so users can dispense with it cleanly into a toilet.

We want our readers to be aware of the advantages of menstrual cups, but also know which ones are most popular and why, hence this Saalt Menstrual Cup review.

Top Eco Friendly Benefits of Using a Saalt Menstrual Cup

The list is long, but here are the main prerequisites:

  1. 1
  2. 2
    No fluff and therefore no wood pulp, equals no trees taken down to make them; also nowhere near the amount of water required to make them versus sanitary napkins
  3. 3
    Virtually no contribution to landfill sites
  4. 4
    Used properly they can last a year or more

Top (Personal) Benefits of a Saalt Menstrual Cup

Women are raving about Saalt Menstrual Cups, and they are becoming the go-to period collection cups. While the concept takes a little getting used to, and practise is needed to ensure a comfortable, secure fit, once the user gets the hang of it, the benefits are numerous:

  • No smell; because the menstrual blood remains tightly sealed in the vagina, no odour escapes (as is the case with pads and some tampons)
  • Once a user gets accustomed to them, they are not noticeable and some women use an alarm on their cell phone to remind them when it’s time to empty the cup
  • On off-peak days or for those with “normal” periods, the cup can remain in place for as long as 12 hours, making it suitable for work days
  • A clear conscience, knowing that you’re not adding to landfill or using a disposable product; good for the environment
  • Significantly less money spent; according to Canadian women’s magazine, Chatelaine, the average woman spends $65.82 (CDN) per year on pads, so a saving of roughly half

What is the Saalt Menstrual Cup Size?

The cups come in four sizes, but the vast majority of women will use a “regular” size. Good news for petite females, the small size fits perfectly.

How to use a Saalt Menstrual Cup

Because the Saalt Menstrual Cup is made from soft, medical-grade silicone, it is flexible and can be folded easily to insert. The Saalt menstrual cups are nothing like the older, harder versions and are quickly gaining in popularity. There are plenty of excellent video tutorials on the web.

Before the first use, it is necessary to boil the cup for 5 to 7 minutes, dry and allow to cool down. Always carefully read and follow the directions included with the product.

Squatting over a toilet with one foot upon the rim is an effective position, but most important is to relax; tight muscles can make insertion more difficult. And be patient with yourself. It may take a few attempts before success. After you have the process down, it’s like riding a bicycle!

Always wash your hands prior to using them to insert a menstrual cup, and before you remove it, too.

How to Insert. Fold on the folding line to condense the Saalt Menstrual Cup, squeeze the opening to reduce further, and insert into the vagina with the little “tail” pointing downward. Aim for your tailbone (it’s like inserting a tampon). Take care to ensure the seal is attained, and perhaps use a panty liner for the first few times in case the seal isn’t perfect. If you endure cramps, remove the device, take a breather and calmly try again.

How to Remove. The Saalt Menstrual Cup is removed using the little tail or stem on the underside of the cup. Position yourself much the same was as you would to insert, bear down your pelvic muscles, find the stem and pull gently, rotating to break the seal. Dump the contents into the toilet and rinse the cup.

How to Clean. Simple: rinse with warm water and allow to air dry. Store the menstrual cup in the pouch it comes with, or in a breathable container.

What Others Say

Most noticeable about all the reviews from women who have tried the Saalt Menstrual Cup are the words, “It’s about time!” Comments such as, “Finally a really soft cup that feels natural.” Women love the eco friendly aspects of the Saalt Cup, and even those with heavy periods swear by it.

There is hesitation for most women before they give it a try, but once they get the insertion down pat, they are unanimous in their enthusiasm: “No thick, smelly pads, and I’m being kind to the environment!”

It is even possible to have sex with the Saalt Menstrual Cup inserted and there are videos to help couples learn how to do that safely and properly. Be sure to know, too, that menstrual cups will not prevent pregnancy or the spread of venereal disease; they are a menstrual aid, nothing more.

Women love the convenience, especially when they only have to change and clean the unit every 12 hours, and many suggest: “Get two, so you have a clean one ready to use at any social event or at the office.”

The Saalt Menstrual Cup is a clean, safe, personal way to manage a period and stay true to your eco friendly goals.


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